People Products

Will these products get me high?

 No, all of our products are made from Hemp not marijuana and contain less then 0.06% THC

Will the oil or water interfere with my medication?

Yes, the ingestible will if you are taking anything that requires you to stay away from Grapefruit as CBD shares the same enzymes as grapefruit.  Topicals can be used though without interference

How long does it take feel the effects?

Depending on the person but anywhere from 5 to 15 mins

Does CBD work for everyone?

No, but it does for 95% of the population

What works best for Arthritis?

Topicals work best for pain, ingestible are better for anxiety, stress, sleep issues, IBS, crones, diabetes etc.

Do I just swallow the oil?

Depending what you are trying to treat. Anxiety, stress, focus you’ll want to hold it in your mouth for at least 15 mins, any issues such as IBS, crones, diabetes etc you should swallow it.

Does it taste bad?

The taste is very mild. Some people will take a cinnamon heart with it to mask the taste. Just nothing with vitamin C.

Why not Vitamin C?

Vitamin C drastically reduces the effects of CBD (and THC)

Why are your products MCT Oil Free?

MCT oil is a coconut bi product and will coat the stomach and intestines and keeps the body from absorbing nutrients, vitamins, medications and can cause fatty liver very quickly and diarrhea if taking to much.

How is Hemp better then Marijuana for CBD?

When CBD Is extracted from marijuana it takes down inflammation 5%-25%, When it comes from Hemp it takes down inflammation 20% to 100%, brings blood flow to the area and activates the endocannabinoid system 200% more.

Is your product Full or Broad Spectrum and what is the difference?

Broad Spectrum means it includes all the CBD components (CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDa) when its full spectrum it will also include THC and more then likely coming from marijuana, not hemp.

How is it extracted?

Our CBD is cold extracted to ensure the oil has not been damaged by heat.

What carrier oil do you use and why?

We use grapeseed oil for our people CBD oil. It is a nice thin oil and will help the CBD absorbed much quicker. Grapeseed oil also reverses fatty liver disease.

Are your oils Distillates or Tinctures? What one is better and why?

Ours are Distillates only. Tinctures are low quality oils made by soaking the plant in alcohol. Distillates are high quality that are cold extracted keeping the oil pure. It's McDonalds vs The Keg.